Why as a Marketer are YOU
Neglecting this Amazingly
Simple & Effective
Marketing Tool?

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Introduction to Rss
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What the Heck is RSS?

RSS allows You to stay Instantly Updated on the NEWS You want ALL in One Location.
Without the need to visit multiple sites and look for updates...
All Your Feeds Monitored Simultaneously and Organized in Your FeedReader.
Ready When You Are!

* Best Way to Find out is try it Right Now *

Not sure how? Watch video at the 3 minute mark.. See How Easy!
Over 99% of All RSS Feeds are FREE to Subscribe. The Readers below are also FREE.

"Once you try RSS you'll be Hooked with the 1-2-3 Simplicity"

Download FeedReader: Most downloaded version (My preferred Reader)
FeedReader: Online
Firefox Add-on: Bamboo a Great Reader (Subscribe to RSS with 2 Clicks)
RSS Icon in NavBar: Very Helpful & Simple
Bamboo for Thunderbird: Check your feeds while checking email.

A Fun & Pointless Feed: Born On This Day - http://rss.imdb.com/daily/born/

Already know how to subscribe? Great; Let's Continue...
Watch the video, read this whole page (don't just scan) then Subscribe to my Yes2Rss Feed!
This is Not a Sales page, it's to get YOU Thinking of ALL the Possibilities Available Simply by using RSS.

Want More Traffic? An Easy way to Distribute Your News to Your List?

There's a very good probability most marketers do not use or even know how to use their RSS feeds. Whether you're already a successful online marketer or a complete newbie, you are about to discover how RSS is FAR more than just staying in touch with your subscribers, it's an Extremely Effective FREE Marketing Channel!

BEFORE You Say: No one knows what RSS is or how to use them... Well; Who's fault is that "Marketers"?  Why have YOU not shown Your visitors how SIMPLE it is to Subscribe?  Way easier then typing out their name & email, no info to enter, just a couple clicks [micro-commitments].  Once they know how Easy, they can subscribe to all kinds of feeds and Thank-You for introducing them to RSS.  Plus see above "RSS is FAR more..."
Have you neglected this Amazing Tool because You don't know how?  Let's Fix that Right Now...

Broadcast All Your Content Across the web and to Your Subscribers with Simple Little but Powerful RSS Feeds. Besides being a FREE way to promote your website/blog, ecomm or POD stores, podcasts, etc. it's the most reliable way to distribute your content to your subscribers.. RSS is 100% deliverable & Includes ALL Your Previous Messages [Items/Episodes] neatly organized in Your feed by the date they were published. No More Missed Messages or Junk Folders to deal with!

What is RSS?
For those that don't know or just not sure. RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication which is a lightweight XML format for sharing headlines and links with other websites and your subscribers. Originating in 1997 but has evolved into a Very Effective way to keep your subscribers INSTANTLY updated with your NEW (and past) content.

RSS Feeds allow your customers and/or visitors to simply subscribe to an alert that notifies them when information they're interested in is updated and readily available. They do so without cluttering their inbox, your subscribers will look forward in receiving Your Updates. Be sure to subscribe to a few of Your favorite feeds for Instant Updates too...

RSS solves a lot of problems, such as Deliverability, Spam Filters, you can include Images, Audio, Video, PDF, zip, almost any file formats, increase your Targeted traffic, gathering and distributing your content, this list is actually endless as You are about to Discover. The Possibilities are Only Limited by Your Imagination!

There's tons of RSS aggregates out there that automatically suck up RSS files from content providers and present Your feeds in a variety of ways. I show you how to create Simple RSS feeds for your website(s), blogs, eComm or POD stores, Anywhere, Any Niche to help drive more traffic, more subscribers and More Sales.

Top 12 Reasons You Should be using RSS Feeds for Marketing.

    1. No More Inbox Clutter: Subscribe to Your Favorite Rss feeds, get the daily weather, news, daily/hourly coupons, local sale, sports scores, lotto numbers, monitor auctions, friends blog posts, anything You want to keep updated on RSS is the perfect tool to notify You and/or Your Subscribers INSTANTLY.
      * No More Lost Messages in with dozens-hundreds of others we all get daily in our inboxes.
      * All Feeds Monitored Simultaneously and Presented to You well Organized in One Location.

    2. Spam Complaints: NEVER the Only place to deal with Spam in RSS is just "Delete" the Spammers feed; as Simple as That!

    3. No Auto-responder Required: Build Your lists of Subscribers as BIG as you want, Absolutely NO Limit to the size of Your Lists or how many lists you have. Whether you have a large list in the Hundreds of Thousands or small list of a few hundred there is never any additional fees to pay as you Grow Your Lists..
      RSS feeds are 99.99% FREE & Deliverable..
      * Time is not Free; (nothing is completely free) but takes Very Little time & Closer to 100% Deliverable!
      * Some feeds/podcast may require a fee to subscribe. (such as membership.)

    4. No Junk Folders: Use Any Words You Want in your feeds and never worry about having to write your messages with Fr.e.e in hopes to get past the spam filters because FREE - FREE - FREE will Not end up in the junk folder and lost or missed by your subscribers.

    5. No Opt-in Required: No more fake or typo addresses, no need to enter any info to Subscribe to Your Feeds. Spam Your Fans and they can simply Delete Your feed, no Unsubscribe Necessary!

    6. You can use it Right Now: You Already have FREE access to it. You may already be using rss and not even know. Youtube, Wordpress, social bookmarking sites, atricle directories, photo-sharing sites, etc. All have RSS feeds DFY with Every New post... [refer to point #9]
      * Simply show your visitors how easy it is to "Subscribe to Your RSS feed" to stay Instantly Updated.
      - Once they discover how Great RSS feeds are [refer to point #1], they will surely Thank You.

    7. Include Images / Audio / Video / PDF's / etc. in the "enclosure tag" of your RSS feeds that can be downloaded in the background at the subscribers desired settings. No mail clients blocking Your information. Instead Your content is sent Instantly & Directly to Your subscribers preferred RSS reader.
      * Your subscribers can listen to your audio or watch your video (PODCAST) at their leisure?

    8. Extremely Targeted Traffic: Get FREE Visitors to Any of Your Web-Properties and more Subscribers to Your RSS feeds from organic search results simply by incorporating RSS into your marketing arsenal.
      * Plus some helpful RSS SEO tips on the inside.

    9. High Ranking Backlinks: Create hundreds or even thousands of backlinks pointing to Anywhere You choose by submitting ALL your Web-Properties/Profile Feeds to dozens of RSS directories. Some having Very High Domain Authority such as iTunes® & GooglePlay® for example. "Super Link Juice Anyone?"

      Plus other High Ranking sites that syndicate Your Valuable, Interesting Content on their websites will give you even more Top Quality Backlinks.
      * In most cases you Only have to submit your feeds once, then they're spidered or pinged for Updates.

    10. RSS is Mobile Optimized: Always has been.. You must of heard of Podcasting, Right? Delivered via RSS!

    11. ANYONE can use RSS feeds to promote ANY products and/or services in ANY Niche!!

    12. RSS is FREE: Subscribe to Your Favorite Feeds, Market to Your Fans with Simple RSS feeds, Start a Podcast or a few with Audio and/or Video, Create tons of Backlinks to Anywhere You Choose, etc, ETC.
      Oh and did I say: It's FREE...
    13. The above list is only the Top 12; There's a LOT More reasons why You should be using RSS feeds.

      Learn How to use Your RSS Feeds Effectively, Build Subscriber List$, Increase Your Targeted Traffic & Ranking with Authority Backlinks. Plus a Whole Lot More on the Inside...

It will cost you NOTHING to check it out for Yourself; Simply Subscribe to some RSS feeds!  [Hint: Get Instant Access]

We all know to be successful online you MUST develop "Know, Like and Trust" with Your subscribers, visitors, followers, etc. With RSS you can get closer to your subscribers by adding Audio and/or Video and Beautiful Images in your feeds. Never having to worry about getting your messages past the spam filters, allowing you to build the trust needed to turn your subscribers into Loyal Fans (customers) a lot quicker and easier.  Lead them to Exactly where You want them to Go!

15 Ways to use RSS

#1. Content Syndication: You now have another channel to publish your content in addition to the ones you already use, such as your blogs, email newsletters, print, article marketing, etc.

#2. Job Listings: Potential candidates can easily find out about job opportunities in your firm.

#3. Special Offers: Provide your subscribers with time-sensitive offers such as coupons, last minute airline and hotel offers..... This can also create [FREE] word-of-mouth advertising.

#4. New Product Announcements: RSS is perfect for announcing new products or services as soon as they become available. Improve customer relationships by including tips and tricks to your customers on how to use your products or services better.

#5. Sales Notices: Move overstock merchandise or notify customers of upcoming sales and bargains. People love a good deal and they'll gladly subscribe to your RSS feed to get one.

#6. Affiliate Notices: Keep your affiliates updated about changes to your program or improvements to your products.

#7. Press Information: An excellent way to get your press releases into the hands of interested reporters.

#8. Updates: If you are planning a webinar/seminar keep your potential attendees updated on your schedule. Project management can update their team members, users and developers about bug fixes and enhancements...

#9. Podcast and Media Distribution: Include your latest podcast (audio) or the release of your most recent video in the "enclosure tag" of your feed. We'll show you how!

#10. Real Estate: Subscribers looking for a new home or investment property are notified instantly when a new property becomes available in a specific town or area.

#11. Churches, Ministries: Reach your congregations, schedule events and even podcast sermons or bible studies.

#12. Sports: Are you a sports fan? Stay informed about your favorite teams or athletes, include tips to improve your teams game.

#13. Educational: Teachers and educators can share their educational podcasts and RSS feeds with their students.

#14. Political Feeds: Local, state/provincial or federal government can share debates, the ins and outs of the latest political issues.

#15. Financial Industry: Keep your subscribers instantly updated with currency conversions, stocks, bonds, bank rates and other financial related information.

These are Only a Very Small example of how you can use rss marketing for Anything and only limited by your imagination. As more marketers and others with information to share discover how easy it is to produce RSS feeds this list will continue to grow. I'm sure You will find several more ways of your own.

Create Your Own RSS Feeds in No Time!!
Build "Mini-Billboards You Control"

Simple Step-by-Step Videos & Templates.
Create simple text files, paste in your Keyword Rich titles & descriptions, add your audio, video, pdf, include links, images, etc. and your RSS feeds are Ready to Upload Anywhere & Go Live!  It Really is Simple Syndication...

When you start using RSS feeds and see how EASY they are to create & how POWERFUL RSS Marketing is You will wonder; Why haven't you been using them already? Start Today and You'll Never Look Back once you see Your Results.

Remember: All Your Feeds can be Submitted to Hundreds of Directories (aggregates), Indexed & Categorized also by the Search Engines, Spidered and/or Pinged. All creating LOTS of links to Whatever or Wherever You Choose!!

 Start Your Own Successful RSS Marketing

How to Quickly & Easily get Started with Your RSS Feeds including how to use the “enclosure” to add Audio/Video for Amazing results. The Very Best way to develop “Know, Like & Trust” with Your [100% Deliverable] Subscriber List & turn them into Happy Loyal Raving Fans / Customers FOREVER!

How to create a Video or Audio Podcast and prepare your RSS feeds for submission to Podcast directories including the correct format for iTunes® & GooglePlay®.

How to make Beautiful feeds to Showcase your stores product catalog that you can "Easily" update with New items Anytime and how to get your visitors to return, buy more and Increase the LTV of Every Customer.

How to take your subscribers by the Hand and Lead them to Exactly Where You Want them to Go...

How to find and use your rss feeds from all your online profiles to create Hundreds of Quality Backlinks to Any website or page you desire.

How to submit ALL Your feeds to the aggregates [directories] and in most cases you only have to do this one-time. With Every Update to Your blog, website, online properties, RSS feeds will put your backlinking on complete Auto-Pilot!

How to get Your Visitors & Opt-in list to Subscribe to Your RSS feeds.

How to use RSS feeds or (CPA) Data feeds to put "Auto-updated, Hands Free" content on your websites/blogs.

How & Where to validate your feeds and where to find some online RSS readers + some feeds you may find interesting.

How to Keep Your Subscribers Coming Back Hungry for More...

And a Lot More Tips & Ideas on the Inside...

REMEMBER: There’s Never Any Fee’s to use Your RSS...

PLUS Where to find, how to use, what to do & not to do.
Join our Private FB group to share ideas and a Lot More....

So Now for the Big Question:  How much is all this going to cost you?

There are No OTO's, No Exit Pops... You either want to know how to use this Extremely Simple but Powerful FREE Marketing tool or you don't. I'm launching Yes2Rss different then any other training You have EVER seen before.

First it's only Logical to deliver the lessons via an RSS Feed. On Launch Day there will be 3-4 lessons with all the information you need to get started today. It will cost you Nothing to find out, Simply Click "Get Instant Access" Now.. You will be glad you did once you realize all the possibilities RSS has to offer and Only limited by Your Imagination!

  • Lesson #1 - How to Easily create your own RSS text (XML) files. Templates included. (you won't believe how Simple)
  • Lesson #2 - How to create Your Podcast with Validated Template Enclosed for iTunes® & GooglePlay® submission.
  • Lesson #3 - Oh you will want to know this!  Subscribe to Find Out...
  • Lesson #? - Lets build eComm and POD (Print on Demand) feeds for Even More Fun!

Lessons will be added every few days. There's a LOT that can be done with RSS feeds and I hope to help you make your New RSS Marketing Channel a Success.

After I reach a point where there is no more to teach I "may" decide to package it up into a complete course but for now it's Up to YOU How Much You are willing to pay.

After you go through a few lessons Yes; You Decide how much my product is worth to YOU.

Check it out Before You Pay??  Yup.. Help Spread the Word: RSS is Back!

 Yes I Even Have a Guarantee 


So How Much?

Go through a few lessons, learn how Easy & Powerful RSS can be. I'm hoping you find Great Value and Results from what you learn. Pay Whatever You feel it's Worth to YOU; whether $10 - $20+ or $100K (Well can't blame me for trying.)  I will be truly grateful you found enough value and willing to show your appreciation.. Thank-You

I'm almost 100% sure you Will find Value and learn a few things you didn't know. I also believe my subscribers will be loyal fans that see RSS as a Very Powerful & Effective Marketing tool with almost Endless Possibilities and Only Limited by Your Own Imagination!

I'm taking a risk that You Understand as a fellow IMer and entrepreneur we all need to eat. I Promise to Feed You Valuable Actionable instructions in my RSS feed so anytime you feel I deserve a nice $20 or $30 meal; Thanks, appreciated. :-)

I do believe that once you see how Powerful, Profitable & Easy Your New RSS Marketing tool is to increase Your Targeted Traffic, Ranking, Subscribers, Subscriber retention and Conversions you will want to "Click" my "Pay Now" button.

see You on the inside,

RSS Marketer

P.S. You have 2 choices, you're either interested in using RSS or you are not.. Click the "Get Instant Access" button Now to get started or thanks for stopping by, come back anytime. BUT "Subscribe" to some Interesting feeds, try a Weather report feed, RSS makes it Real Simple to stay Instantly Updated on things that interest YOU with-out the need to keep checking your favorite sites for Recent Updates!  Will cost you nothing to find out ...Click some RSS Buttons.

P.S.S. Marketers; Make it Easy for Your Visitors & RSS search bots to Find Your Feeds.
Add Your favorite icons to All Your websites, blogs, eComm and/or POD stores, Anywhere/Everywhere!
Show Everyone How Easy it is to subscribe to RSS feeds and once they know; they will Always know...
- - - "Really Simple Syndication"

Disclaimer: I can only show you "How", it is up to you to take what you learn and implement it. I make absolutely No Guarantee if RSS feeds will work for you but there really is no reason why they won't. If for some strange reason you just can't make them work as a marketing tool at least now you will be able to Enjoy subscribing to Your Favorite Feeds. A Win-Win either way.

This site is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by iTunes® or Googleplay® and does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these sites or any claim, statement or opinion used in my rss feed or this site. iTunes® or Googleplay® are registered trademarks.

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