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How to Subscribe to rss feeds
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If You know how Please Continue:
After watching the short video You will Easily be able to  
Subscribe to All Your Favorite RSS feeds from Now On..
No Opt-in Required Only 1-2-3 Simplicity!  
Subscribe Now -Sucscribe to Yes2Rss Feed

What the Heck is RSS?

RSS makes it Real Simple to stay Instantly Updated on things that interest YOU!
With-out the need to keep checking your favorite sites for Recent Updates.
*NO Name & Email Address REQUIRED*
All Your Feeds Monitored Simultaneously and Organized in Your FeedReader.
Ready When You Are!
Most RSS Feeds are FREE to Subscribe.  The Readers below are also FREE.

* Here are the links mentioned in the video *

Download FeedReader: Most downloaded version (My preferred Reader)
FeedReader: Online
Firefox Add-on: Bamboo a Great Reader (Subscribe to Feeds with 2 Clicks)
RSS Icon in NavBar: Very Helpful & Simple
Bamboo for Thunderbird: Check your feeds while checking email.
(Bamboo has several options for background colors)

A Fun & Pointless Feed: Born On This Day -

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