There is Nothing Easier or More Effective
than Podcasting to Your Fans.

The Simplicity of RSS makes it All Possible!

If your have not watched Lesson #1 yet, I suggest you do so before continuing.
Lesson 1 & 2 RSS Feed Templates  Right click and Save Link As to where you will easily find it. You will have to UnZip the folder
and remember after you Open the template to Save it as a .xml file (eg: your-rss-feed.xml), keep the text file for future use.

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First: I want to make it perfectly clear. You Do Not need to use this template or any iTune tags to Start Podcasting, simply use what you learned in Lesson #1 by using the "Enclosure" tag and you're good to go. Only use this feed template if you plan on submitting your podcast to iTunes® or Googleplay®. Other podcast directories and RSS readers (subscribers) will also except the iTunes tags from your rss feeds, some may even use your "Channel & Episodes" cover art/images in their directory/aggregate listings.

A Little Podcast History:
Podcasting originated with the first ipod podcast, a way to distribute mp3 files that could be downloaded and played on Apple's music player, the iPod. When the iPod came out users quickly discovered how great it was for holding music, but others thought of sharing small sound files that could be played on the iPod. The technology already existed for distributing the files, with RSS.

RSS feeds were a means of sharing your information instantly with your subscribers. Some hopeful podcasters had the idea of enclosing links to sound files within the RSS feed so the file could be easily downloaded and listened to anytime. Adding this “Enclosure tag” made RSS an Extremely Powerful and Convenient way to share your information with your audience. With the change in RSS feeds, ipod podcasting took off and became a popular way to share files. Podcasting has now moved way beyond the ipod, which means your podcast can be enjoyed on multiple devices and downloaded by anyone.

RSS feeds are what allows the entire system to function, with instant notification, 99.99% delivery to your listeners, no spam filters or file size limitations. A podcast is simply; regular distribution of audio or visual files called episodes. Because of the low entry cost, thousands of people who otherwise would not have a chance to showcase their work can now simply create their own podcast rss feeds including You.

Why Podcast?:
Podcasting is an excellent method to quickly and effectively share your episodes with your audience. Rather than requiring subscribers to visit a site to find your latest release every time to see if you have a new episode, users could rely on RSS to do the work for them. Monitoring any number of podcasts and downloading the files to be viewed/listened to whenever they wished, at their leisure!

This can be extremely powerful for increasing your conversion rates if not abused. Podcast feeds can be the quickest way to develop "KL&T" with Your audience because of Your Awesome Audio or Videos. Create feeds for any number of different types of podcast. Share your comedy or news, music, sermons, upcoming events, trivia, IM training, videos to showcase your work, etc, etc.

Keep your Podcast interesting and updated regularly for your loyal fans. You should update at least once a month but a weekly podcast will increase your results greatly, try to keep them on a schedule. (eg: Same Bat time, same Bat channel)

Remember:  Feed them well and they will keep coming back hungry for more; Spam them and they will simply click "delete" on your podcast/rss feed...

Don't Loose them Now:
Depending on what your podcast is about try to keep each episodes between 30 & 45 minutes in length and the file size as small as possible. Instead of creating hour long episodes and 1+gigs, chop then into smaller episodes. This will help your retention rate, interest from your audience of fans and Easier on You with more episodes so your podcast can last even longer. Try to end each podcast leaving your audience wanting more; a "Cliff Hanger" of What's to Come.. they WILL return.
Note: All this will depend on what your podcast is about and by no means set in store. Be creative, not boring.

You already know how EASY it is to add another epidode in your RSS feeds.. And it is just as Easy with the iTunes® Podcast Template and Instructions below.

Avoid selling in your podcast but you can do a slight recommendation for something or if your "show" permits; "a message from our sponsor"... An example plug for a product would be if you're podcast is about home renovations, you could use and/or recommend a particular tool in your video/audio and on your blog/website have a banner (or text link) to a CPA offer. This is the best way to promote your offers for ANY niche and help increase your conversions. There really is no need to sell anything in your podcast, just tell them how great your new "saw" is and the link to your blog is in your RSS feed..
Simple; Right?!

Remember, your fans love your show, they "know, like and trust" you so they will surely listen to any of your recommendations and if they want one also, they will probably buy through YOUR link.

You should already know:
Creating a Podcast is just simply adding your audio, video or pdf file in the enclosure tag, usually with a short summary of what your podcast is all about. Yes you can even use pdf's to podcast, showcase your artwork, comic strips, tools list, reno plans, schematics, blueprints, etc. etc...  Since anyone can podcast about anything, with a very simple delivery system; RSS feeds, you can set-up as many podcasts as you want for Fun, Profit or Both..

You can have a lot of fun podcasting if that's all you want to do but podcasting for profit can be even more fun because of the viral nature from your loyal listeners and the power of a good podcast on iTunes™ and/or GooglePlay™.  Imagine being in the "Top 100 Podcast" with a well thought out RSS feed connected to your monetized blog or website. You've heard me say this before but RSS Marketing is only Limited by Your Imagination and an Extremely Powerful FREE tool...

Before You Jump in:
Plan a few episodes ahead, what will they be about, how long, for Fun or Profit, will you use a blog or stand alone website and how can you monetize it, what CPA offers, will you use video or just audio, how will you start and close each episode??? Write down some notes, get creative and spend time on your Interesting and Relevent Titles [Channel & Items] for SEO and/or anyone looking for Your Podcast. A great way for some ideas is to listen to some podcasts.

All You Need to Start:
Web-hosting Some place to upload your rss feeds, images, audio, video's, etc. The aggregates, search engines, Podcast directories, etc DO NOT host your feeds, podcast or any of your enclosures (files). It's all totally done with your RSS feed, you host everything on your domain and only submit your URL's and the aggregates.
GVO gets my highest recommenations. From price to tools to their awesome support, cannot be beat anywhere this side of Saturn! I've been hosting with them since 2003 and never had an issue they didn't fix quickly. Check them out. Joel (the CEO) is Great...

Lets Create Your Podcast:
Although a podcast is simply your audio or video in an "enclosure" tag in your rss feed there are a couple tags you will want to include in your rss feeds "channel" tag. If you're planning to submit your podcast to iTunes you will need to include specific tags for proper indexing and Display of your podcast.

It's suggested to add at least 3 episodes to your RSS feed before submitting to the iTunes Store®, they like to see an active podcast so the more interesting you can make your episodes the better chance you have of hitting the "Popular Podcast" list.
[Tip: Once you launch your podcast get all your social friends to subscribe to Your Cool Podcast, It will surely help Push it Up the Charts!]

Whether you include the iTunes tags or not they will not effect the functionality of your podcast and in no way are they manditory but for the hundreds of places you can submit your podcast and create recognition for the author (Branding) there are a few tags you should use... They're needed to categorize your podcast correctly by all the aggregates and search engines, they will also help people find your podcast, in their preferred language, category/niche, etc..

Podcast CHANNEL Tags:
Don't forget the importance of your 'Title', not only for the name of your podcast ('channel' tag) but for each <item> which are your "episodes"... Proper use of your keywords will help with your ranking, indexing and most importantly; your end users can find your podcast and Subscribe.

Make sure your titles are interesting & specific...
EG: [channel title]
Poor - Home Renovations
Better - How to do Home Renovations on a dime!
[item/episode title]
Poor - Introduction
Better - The only tools you will ever need to complete any home renovation.
* Not the best examples but I'm sure you get the point. Keep them coming back Hungry 4 More!!

These tags should be used in all your RSS feeds but are Needed in your Podcast feeds.
<copyright></copyright> Can be name, website or both.

<category>Comedy</category> Optional; can include additional categories. But the <itunes:category> is Required.
- I recommend using both if you plan on submitting your podcast to lots of other directories. Some may ignore iTune tags.

<language>en-us</language> - Required - Other language codes here.

<description>Your 'channel' description.</description>  Remember No quotation marks from Lesson #1
Things to consider putting in your channel description is your subject matter, media format, episode schedule and other relevant info so people know what to expect when they subscribe to your podcast.

<itunes:subtitle>A Short but Compelling Sub-title</itunes:subtitle>

<itunes:summary>A good use of your keywords (not spammy) and just enough content to get subscribers interested. The itunes:summary tag doesnít support HTML, [CDATA], or other formatting. </itunes:summary>

If the <itunes:author> tag isnít present at the channel level, Apple Podcasts uses the contents of the <itunes:author> tag at the item level. Recommend including in both.

<itunes:name>John Doe</itunes:name> - Required
<itunes:email></itunes:email> - Required
Note: The <itunes:owner> tag information is for administrative communication about the podcast and isnít displayed in Apple Podcasts. But if someone views your xml file they will be able to see this info so it's best to use an email address just for your podcast.

<itunes:image href="" />
At the 'Channel' level this would be your cover image, at the 'item' level are your episode cover images. iTunes prefers square .jpg images that are at least 1400 x 1400 pixels and max 3000x3000px. In order for your podcast to be eligible for an iTunes Store feature, the accompanying image must be in the correct size and JPEG or PNG formats in RGB colors (CMYK is not supported), 72 dpi. The URL must end in ".jpg" or ".png".  If the itunes:image tag is not present, iTunes will use the contents of the RSS Logo image tag.

<itunes:category text="Technology"> - Required
<itunes:category text="Gadgets" /> Include Sub-categories
<itunes:category text="TV & Film" /> or just use one(1) category.
- Itunes has a LOT of categories. Below is a link to a PDF, catagories start on page 22.

Note: <itunes:category> can only be placed inside of the channel element, it does not belong inside an item.

<itunes:explicit>no</itunes:explicit> This tag is Required: There are three values: yes, no, and clean. Use "yes" if your podcast contains explicit material and an "explicit" parental advisory graphic will appear next to your podcast artwork on the iTunes Store, and in the Name column in iTunes. If the value is "clean", the parental advisory type is considered Clean, meaning that no explicit language or adult content is included anywhere in the episodes, and a "clean" graphic will appear. If the value is "no", there is no indicator seen.

Optional tags: <itunes:complete>yes</itunes:complete> value indicates that a podcast is complete and you will not post any more episodes in the future. This tag is only supported at the channel level. Specifying any value other than 'yes' has no effect (case insensitive).

<itunes:type>episodic</itunes:type> (default - displaying last-to-first) This option also supports seasons, with the newest episode at the top. Specify 'serial' (without quote) when you want your episodes presented first-to-last. This option supports narratives, storytelling, thematic, and multiple seasons. BUT let keep it simple, recommended type 'episodic'. See item tags below for adding the episodes...

<itunes:block>no</itunes:block> Use yes or no (case sensitive). If used in the <channel> will block your entire podcast, in the <item> will only block that episode.

That's it for the Channel elements. There is a few others but are not required and we want to keep this Simple (RSS).

Podcast Item/Episode Tags:
<title>Your Awesome Title</title>
<link>Title Link here</link> - Can point to your Full article or blog post or link to your audio/video.
In lesson #1 it is suggested your "Permalink" point to wherever your post will be permanently located. With a Podcast it is Best to point to wherever your audio/video files will be permanently located. Your Title Link can still point to your Full article or blog post or link to your audio/video.

<pubDate>Wed, 04 May 2018 19:00:00 EST</pubDate> - Date this episode was published: Obvious right?

<description>All About Your Podcast</description> - Include Properly Formatted Links and Images.

<itunes:episode>2</itunes:episode> - Where episode is a non-zero integer (1, 2, 3, etc.) representing your episode number.

<itunes:episodeType>full</itunes:episodeType> - Where episodeType can be one of the following: full (default) - Specify full when you are submitting the complete content of a show.
trailer - Specify trailer when you are submitting a short, promotional piece of content that represents a preview of a show.
bonus - Specify bonus when you are submitting extra content for a show (for example, behind the scenes information or interviews with the cast).

<itunes:order>1,2,3,etc</itunes:order> If you want your episodes in a certain order.
Note: If you do not use the episodic or order tag iTunes will use your episodes pubDate.. (Keeping it simple)

Where the Real "Magic" (Power) Happens!!
<enclosure url="" length="8727310" type="audio/mp3" /> - Supported file formats include M4A, MP3, MOV, MP4, M4V, and PDF.

<itunes:author>John &amp; Jane Doe</itunes:author> - No & (ampersand) allowed. Use &amp;

<itunes:subtitle>A short interesting subtitle</itunes:subtitle>

<itunes:summary>Include some Keywords.. but basically a Summary of your Description tag.</itunes:summary>
Note: If you don't use the itunes:summary tag then the <description> will be used.

<itunes:image href="" /> - Cover image for this episode.

<itunes:duration>7:04</itunes:duration> - Time (in minutes, etc.) of your audio or video. Not the same as the enclosure length. The episode duration in hours, minutes, and seconds. Specify one of the following formats - HH:MM:SS - H:MM:SS - MM:SS - M:SS

Where H = hours, M = minutes, and S = seconds. If you specify a single number as a value (without colons), Apple Podcasts displays the value as seconds. If you specify one colon, Apple Podcasts displays the number to the left as minutes and the number to the right as seconds. If you specify more then two colons, Apple Podcasts ignores the numbers farthest to the right.

<itunes:explicit>no</itunes:explicit> - Required - Episodes containing explicit material arenít available in some Apple Podcasts territories.
Note: The parental advisory graphic appears under the episode badge in the Name column in Apple Podcasts.

<itunes:keywords>solt, peppre, shakar, excitting</itunes:keywords> - The keyword tag is best used for miss-spellings of your main keywords. Itunes will only use the first 12 so use them wisely. Your Main keywords are best handled in your titles, descriptions, subtitles and summaries.


These tags are right from the iTunes RSS doc. I've only included the important ones in the template so you can start Podcasting Quick & Easy. You can find all the specs for submitting your podacst to iTunes here. There's a 'doc' file you can download to have it handy for future use or for your convenience I have converted it to a PDF (right click to download). Pages 1-4 for submitting to iTunes and page 8 for featured podcast info.

Note: You will see that the iTunes "Example feed" in the pdf is slightly different than in the textbox below and iTunes XML template. The one in the iTunes doc (see above PDF) is specific for submitting your podcast to iTunes® (& GooglePlay®). I added the extra 'tags' and correct 'namespaces' to validate for all readers/aggregates. Plus the extra tags on this page if you choose to use them, simply "copy&paste" where indicated.

The template feed already has all the important tags for submition to iTunes®, Googleplay® or Any other Podcast directory.

** Remember to add the "auto-discovery" tag in the head of your websites or blogs. Tell your visitors How & Where they can get "Instant Access" to your Podcast with Automatic Updates by simply adding a RSS Feed Icon on All Your Sites.

iTunes & Google links to submit Your Podcast.
Submit to: iTunes  &  Google Play - Make sure you Validate your Podcast feeds before submitting. Validated for iTunes, your feed will be fine for Google. Here is the link to download Audacity an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder.

In Closing:
Have Fun, Get Creative and Share Your Feeds in Our YES2RSS FB Group...  [[Feeds Must Validate]]

Educate your visitors (traffic) on how Easy it is to subscribe to RSS Feeds [Podcast] for Instant Updates and they Will Always Know..  1-2-3 Simplicity!

Help Spread the Word; Use Your RSS Feeds, whether You create them or they are DFY (auto-generated) Get an ICON on your sites. Include it with all your other social media icons, put it near your Opt-in forms, in the page header and/or footer, Just Use Them!!

The More Marketers that Understand the potential of RSS Marketing AND Start using their feeds would greatly increase RSS adoption, a Benefit for All, from marketer, musician, comedian, trainer, real estate, Anyone, to the subscriber that Now Enjoys their New, Well Organized with Instant Notifications RSS Delivery System...


Bye for now and Take Care,

RSS Marketer

For those that don't like downloading zip files or have any problems simply Copy & Paste all the code on the box below into your text editor to create your podcast RSS feed and name it "YourPodcastFeed.xml" and you're good to go. This code is slightly different from the zip file, I have included the 'episodes' tags in the text box and not in the zip template. They are not required and we want to keep your podcasting easy..

Disclaimer: This site is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by iTunes® or Googleplay® and does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these sites or any claim, statement or opinion used in my rss feed or this site. iTunes® or Googleplay® are registered trademarks.

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